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Kent Gustavson

Executive Director

Dr. Kent Gustavson is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker, founder and CEO of Blooming Twig Books, founder of an indie record label, and serial entrepreneur. This grants him the rare distinction of having a 360-degree perspective of the digital publishing landscape in the 21st century. He has ghostwritten over 50 books, and is an award-winning author, trainer, educator, & speaker. He is also one of today’s top experts in social media and content publishing, and his profiles are proof of what he preaches; he has had more than 100 million views across his profiles. Read more…

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Manali Joshi

Web Front-End Developer

Manali Joshi is a self taught front-end development freelancer. She believes in a growth mindset and life-long learning and is thrilled to be a contributing member of COT Education. She is currently working on dynamic content generation and the look and feel of College Open Textbooks. She is also contributing to COT Education’s social media platform.

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Charles Key

Founder, Director, Secretary, College Open Textbooks Program Manager

One of the founders of COT Education, Charles Key was previously a director of Open Doors Group and College Open Textbooks. He joined ODG in 2012 after over twenty years in high tech, where he plied his trade as a software developer and engineering manager. He has extensive experience developing large, complex systems in the aeronautics, medical device, and semiconductor equipment industries. As a career software professional, Charles has been an enthusiastic supporter of open source software and is equally passionate about advocating for the adoption of Open Educational Resources and expanding access to lifelong learning for everyone.

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Steve Perkins

Web Developer, College Open Textbooks Search Engine Project Lead

Steve Perkins ( is a software developer with experience in a wide variety of industries. He’s been designing and building web applications, desktop software, thick clients, and web services for more than 15 years. Steve holds two Bachelor’s degrees and graduated magna cum laude with his Master’s in Software Design and Development. While working in the software industry he co-founded KBS Systems to bring wireless technologies into an underserved industry. Seeking new challenges, KBS Systems now offers software consulting and created a web service API to provide extremely fast and accurate distance to coast calculations for insurance risk (

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Shannon Voyles

College Open Textbooks Peer Review Coordinator

Dr. Shannon Voyles is an educator, author, and researcher. She has presented and published in national and international arenas. Her work has focused on metacognition, online education, perceptions, learning styles, group coaching and mentoring, self-regulated learning, and communities of practice. She is experienced with consulting, developing courses, and mentoring faculty and peers.

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Anthony Zamarro

Web Developer

Formerly a teacher, Anthony Zamarro is a self-taught programmer currently working as a front-end developer at a small business in Boston. With a background in teaching, education is very important to him, as is being a part of COT Education. He’s currently helping to build an open textbook search engine so users can easily find the books they need to pursue their education careers.